Sunday, June 1, 2014


Many churches or ministries have a theme and use that to attract individuals to attend their church. My church's theme "Grab-Grow-n-Go!" we want to create a "Come as you are" atmosphere where people can connect with Jesus and others, (Grab) develop towards their fullest potential (Grow) and step into their God-given roles (Go). Simply put...Grab-Grow-n-Go!

As you go about your lives this week, I encourage you to try to reach a peace, that is just a slice of Heaven. Praying before getting out of bed, be conscious of everything you do and say and how it is presented. Help someone, pick up the trash on the ground on your way to the dumpster with yours, smile, greet people you see throughout the day. Keep God's light burning within you and let it shine to the world that this is how a believer by faith (Christian) lives their lives. Have that family devotional, even if you just read one chapter a day in the Bible. At bedtime pray again and ask God for his grace and forgive you of any sins you may have down. Remember waking up tomorrow is not a guarantee.

This whole process of walking in the Kingdom of God, will bring you closer and many times accomplish the ultimate...Christ Consciousness †

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